State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)’s Banking on Equality guidelines is a landmark framework focused to reduce the gender gap in financial inclusion by bringing a shift towards women friendly business practices in the financial sector. Women in Pakistan remain disproportionately under-served by the country’s financial system which is leading to a growing gender gap in financial inclusion. The growing gender gap has revealed that gender-neutral policies and practices of the financial sector, assumed to equally affect both genders, may not be effective against inherent gender inequalities, and will continue to create more obstacles in women’s financial inclusion. Cognizant of this, SBP has launched gender mainstreaming framework “Banking on Equality: Reducing the gender gap in financial inclusion” to enhance women’s financial inclusion.


In line with the framework issued by the SBP and considering the limitations of being a Development Financial Institution (DFI), the purpose of this Banking on Equality (BoE) Policy is to define a collective understanding and commitment of Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited (PBICL) to promote the financial inclusion of women as the foundation of all our actions, in particular removing any hurdles faced by women in terms of job acquisition, access to finance, general equitable distribution and recognition of women within PBICL’s workforce.

General Guidelines

SBP desires it’s regulated Financial Institutions (FIs) to serve the niche market with broad-based policies and strategies that encompass inclusion of a gender lens in all activities of the respective FIs including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Inclusion of women in workforce at all levels
  • Increase in participation of women in income generating activities
  • Ease of access to credit for women
  • Women champions at FIs customer points
  • Robust gender disaggregated data
  • Financial inclusion of women through:
  • Collaborations and Partnerships
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Financial literacy and awareness
  • Simplification of loan processes and documentation
  • Innovative women-centric products and services
  • Human Resource development to generate employment opportunities for women
  • Career and development guidelines for women employees

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