September 17, 2015 pakbrunei

Pak Brunei opens its first SME Branch in Lahore.

Ms. Ayesha Aziz, MD of Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited, formally inaugurated the first SME branch of the Company in Lahore on 22nd October 2014. The event was attended by senior members of the Pak Brunei Team and was followed by lunch at a local hotel attended by a large number of clients and well wishers.

Pak Brunei established an independent Small and Medium Enterprise division in 2012 that provides leasing services, a viable and affordable alternative to traditional loans in the SME sector. The team inducted for this initiative has the required competencies for unconventional risk assessment needed in this segment. Speaking on the occasion, Ms Aziz explained that the Company plans to increase its SME footprint across other regions of the country.

Pak Brunei is committed to its developmental goals while remaining vibrant, market oriented and commercially viable. Apart from being the only specialised intermediary providing financing for revival/rehabilitation to companies in financial stress, it has active platforms for project finance, capital markets and private equity. It also provides asset management services through its fully owned subsidiary, Primus Investment Management. The launch of Awwal Modaraba in December will provide an entry into the fast growing islamic finance space. Over the past seven years, the Company has established its credentials in highly specialised segments and despite the higher risk appetite, enjoys a strong record of profitability and asset quality.