Pak Brunei Investment Company is playing its due role in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic. In this regard, while operations across all areas remain uninterrupted, the following steps have been taken as precautionary measures:


  1. 75% of our employees work from home and have been provided secure connections that ensure continuity of work. Critical employees and those with no pre-existing health conditions form the 25% of work force attending office premises for shorter hours (10:00 AM – 4:00 PM).
  1. Common places for staff such as lunch room/prayer rooms in office building have been closed. Seating arrangements ensure adequate distance even within the premises. Only the most essential services requiring outside visitors are entertained at the entrance area.
  1. All physical interaction has been replaced by telephonic calls, e-mails and meetings over Zoom even within the office so people have minimal movement across different floors and departments.
  1. Office hygiene has been strengthened by running awareness campaigns in office; hand-sanitizers/masks have been provided and disinfection sprays conducted within the building with regular cleaning of elevators, doors and surface areas. Temperature for each individual entering premises is monitored upon entry.
  1. Traveling has been completely suspended. Any individual with personal travel history (locally or international) were asked to be in isolation since returning.


Steps taken by SBP:

State Bank of Pakistan has also taken a number of measures to dampen the impact of COVID 19 Pandemic. Details of these steps and other instruction are available on the following link: