Investment Banking & Advisory Services

Credit risk arises from a host of sources including the loan book, bonds, financial derivatives including swaps and options, interbank transactions.


Advisory Group

Today, everyone talks about the need for financial institutions to be more innovative and risk oriented. At Pak Brunei Investment Company, we have been redefining investment banking since we entered this market. We understand that financing companies that are in stress requires not just expert advice but also commitment of our own capital. That is why our advisory transactions are anything but plain vanilla.


Revival Financing for companies/projects in distress

Pak Brunei specializes in financing projects facing financial distress where there is scope for revival. The Company is possibly the only financial institution that focuses on clients who are in or close to default with other banks. The activity requires skills that go beyond conventional investment banking, involving operational, legal and financial evaluation before a strategy is devised and implemented to achieve turnaround. This often results in a changed capital structure, divestment, restructuring and business re-orientation with each transaction structured to match repayment with planned recovery. As part of the financial package, change in internal / external auditors, reconstitution of the Board and stringent cash collection mechanisms are also imposed. After the conclusion of each transaction, a Project Monitoring team independently follows performance benchmarks on an on-going basis.

Transactions successfully completed under this area involve Advisory Services, Acquisition Finance, Project Finance, Private Equity and Debt Restructuring for companies in Chemical, Sugar, Agro-based processing, Energy, Steel, Electronics, Pharmaceutical and Auto Vendor industries. Transaction size varies from PKR 50 million to PKR 600 million.


Project and Structured Finance

We provide a full range of services offering project advisory, project finance, structured finance, structured property finance and securitization. This covers green field projects and expansion initiatives of entities that seek non-recourse/limited recourse financing options. By offering structured funding solutions supported by well developed legal/financial frameworks, we aim to optimize allocation of associated risks.

Capital Markets and Syndications

Pak Brunei plays an active role in equity and fixed income capital raising activities undertaken by leading corporations in the Country. Pak Brunei has a proven track record in loan syndication, private placement and listed debt issues. Additionally, the team is accredited with advising clients on initial public offerings, rights issues and private equity placements.

Moreover, it provides lead in origination of primary market transactions and manages structuring, syndication, marketing and distribution.