Treasury & Capital Markets Division

Pak Brunei boasts of a professional and highly organized Treasury that follows an aggressive trading philosophy to capture available opportunities in the market. .


Pak Brunei boasts of a professional and highly organized Treasury that follows an aggressive trading philosophy to capture available opportunities in the market. Investment decisions and timing are backed by a strong analytical/ research base. Execution efficiency remains a key advantage in building and proactively maintaining a stellar corporate bond portfolio that has consistently outperformed internal and external benchmarks. A strong and vibrant distribution network supports trading activities and has helped to establish one of the most active bond trading desks in the market.

Treasury works closely with Corporate and Investment Banking teams in pricing, distribution and structuring of assets. This orientation helps to ensure that asset pricing accounts for credit as well as market risks. Treasury also maintains close relationships with Public Sector and Financial Institutions to raise funds, develop distribution networks as well as structure/place short term instruments where credit risk is marginal.

Under a single umbrella, multiple roles are carried out by specialized teams:
- Money Market and Fixed Income Investments
- Treasury Marketing Unit
- Public Sector & FI Relationships
- Research

Money Market and Fixed Income Investment Unit actively trades in Repo / Reverse Repo, Clean lending / borrowing, investments in the fixed income mutual funds and trading/investment in government & corporate debt.
Treasury Marketing Unit (TMU) is dedicated solely to improve customer services and augment trading activities. This unit provides an all-in-one service for market-based products, with accelerated response time and in-depth market information for customers, focusing actively on developing new products.
Government and FI Relationships Unit works round-the-clock to create value opportunities for corporate, governmental and institutional clients. It is actively involved in establishing relationships, acquisition of corporate clients and ensuring the orderly, quick and efficient handling of all corporate requests.


Research Unit continuously analyzes economic and market developments to forecast micro and macro trends. This is critical in helping the Company to take strategic positions in all business areas. Going forward, the Research team plans to publish regular sectoral and debt market analysis for external consumption.


Capital Market

Never count on making a good sale. Have the purchase price be so attractive that even a mediocre sale gives good results.

Capital Markets is manned by a technically skilled and experienced team comprising investment specialists with a thorough understanding of market dynamics. The team follows a disciplined approach in its trading and investment activities.

Since inception, CMG has been successful in outperforming benchmark returns while maintaining exposure to a limited universe of eligible securities.

Diversification across sectors/companies as well as compliance with Prudential Regulations and internal guidelines remain of paramount importance in building up the portfolio. Activities include management of Equity Investment and Trading Portfolios, Margin Financing, Cash and Carry Future Arbitrage and Carry Over transactions.