SME & Agro Division

At Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited our belief in the vibrancy and resilience of the SME sector has led us to be the pioneering DFI in the field.


Dedicated Small & Medium Enterprise Division

Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited as a DFI has taken the lead in setting up a dedicated Small & Medium Enterprise Department in 2012 for providing financial solutions, including lease finance – a viable and affordable alternative to traditional loans, to the Small & Medium Enterprise sector. The team inducted is from the Small & Medium Enterprise sector with the skill set required for unconventional risk assessment and mitigation. PBICL provides tailor-made solutions that are based on the unique needs of each customer.

SME sector has largely been serviced by leasing companies, however, as companies in the leasing sector reduced, a large segment of trade & Industry comprising of small and medium size enterprises started facing difficulties in access to finance. Through the establishment of the SME PBICL is filling the gap and servicing this niche by offering simply designed products to provide financial solutions. As a unique service PBICL’s SME also provides business services to the SME clients.

Why Pak Brunei…

- We make small & medium entities ‘bankable’
- We have dedicated professionals who understand your needs
- We provide terms tailored to your requirements
- We believe in prompt personal service at every stage
- We offer comprehensive product range to meet your short term and long term financing requirements
- We have created successful SME stories
- We join hands with you throughout your journey as you grow from small to medium to the next stage.


If you want to..


Machinery, Vehicle or any revenue generating asset for your business then we are here to facilitate you to grow your business. Furthermore, your cash/working capital requirements are met through different finance facilities tailor made to suit your business.

Products we offer…

We have designed different products to meet your short term and long term financing requirements. We offer products and services for almost all the sectors engaged in manufacturing, services and trading businesses. Our team has also designed products to facilitate entities engaged in providing services to meet the basic needs of the society including education and health. With our expertise in green financing, we have the best solutions to meet your financial requirement for energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Business Services

As a unique service only offered by Pak Brunei, our SME expert team provides full services required by you to become a ‘bankable’ entity with the assistance of auditors, lawyers and valuators. Starting from opening of a bank account, registration of NTN and preparation of statements of accounts, registration of vehicle, we help cover the gaps that pose a hurdle in obtaining formal credit.

Making SMEs bankable

Major segments catered to by Pak Brunei include:

- Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry (Food & Food Processing)
- SBP- Refinance Scheme for Working Capital Financing of Small Enterprises and Low-End Medium Enterprises
- SBP-Refinancing Facility for Modernization of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
- SBP--Financing for storage of agricultural produce (FFSAP)
- Import Substitution by utilizing the subsidized schemes of SBP
- SBP Scheme for Renewable Energy
- SBP Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs & Credit Guarantee Scheme<
- SBP-Small Enterprise (SE) Financing and Credit Guarantee Scheme for Special Persons

Women Financial Services


Our Clients' Success Stories