Mr. S.M Aamir Shamim (MD & CEO) presided over the ceremony for the Muskan Food Industry.

Mr. S M Aamir Shamim, CEO & Managing Director of Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited, presided over the ceremony for the Muskan Food Industry, a new rice mill situated in Golarchi tehsil of District Badin. This project represents a significant stride towards forward integration, bringing together the collaborative efforts of Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited Investment Company for its existing clients and farmers.

The establishment of this rice mill in an underserved rural area is a pivotal initiative, marking a crucial step towards enhancing local agricultural infrastructure and fostering economic growth. The project exemplifies empowerment within the underserved rural community, providing a vital resource for local farmers and generating economic opportunities. Pak Brunei is supporting the project by extending financing for the procurement of advanced machines, facilitated through subsidized financing by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and Sindh Enterprise Development Fund. The introduction of modern milling facilities aims to boost the efficiency of rice processing, contributing to increased agricultural productivity and improved crop yield. Additionally, it positions the region as an export hub. This initiative combines technology integration, food security, and overall infrastructure development for the socio-economic benefit of the underserved region. Pak Brunei is committed to a multifaceted approach aimed at uplifting the underserved rural area, addressing economic, social, and environmental aspects through socio-economic and community development.