Baba Food industries – Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh

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Baba Food Industries began as a proprietorship by Mr. Suresh in 2007, originally focused on trading agriculture commodities. Transitioning to a partnership in the latter half of 2019, the business evolved into a rice mill with a capacity of 200,000 maunds per season, situated on Sujawal Road, Tando Mohammad Khan. Operational since August 01, 2020, the mill sources wheat and paddy from local growers, producing high-quality rice. Tando Mohammad Khan's diverse climate and culture are reflected in its 29 rice mills, aligning with acceptable standards. Notably, the district yielded the highest rice crop in Sindh during 2020. This attracted investor interest, leading to a rise in rice mill establishments, numbering 41 when Baba Food Industries joined in August 2020. This has enabled the area to service as a cluster hub for exporters.

With the vision of meeting global rice demand, Baba Food Industries leverages accessible raw materials and advanced processing technology. They acquire paddy from local farmers and brokers, processing and packaging it in 50 KG units. The resulting rice is sold to polishing and exporting units at Bin Qasim Industrial area. PBICL provided access to finance at each stage of the firm’s development and extended SBP subsidized schemes for each specific requirement be it working capital or for Modernization of SMEs.