CM Food Industry – Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh

Clients in Agri & Agro Industries

CM Food Industry (CM) is a proprietorship concern of Mr. Chetan Mal. CM is a leading and well-established rice milling business that has been a cornerstone of the agricultural sector in the region. CM's commitment to producing high-quality rice products and contributing to local food security has earned it a solid reputation among farmers, distributors, and consumers alike.

CM specializes in the processing and distribution of premium-quality rice. Their state-of-the-art rice milling facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring the production of clean, nutritious, and well-packaged rice products that meet the demands of both domestic and international markets.

CM is also operating a small mustard oil mill that focuses on extracting oil from mustard seeds using traditional as well as modern methods. PBICL has been facilitating the client since the inception of the project.