Sakaria Industries (Private) Limited – Hub Industrial Estate, Baluchistan

Import Substitution by utilizing the subsidized schemes of SBP

The company, a major supplier of packaged food and items, expanded its capacity and product variety to meet increased demand caused by the pandemic. They approached PBICL for injection molding machines to produce Square food containers, a new addition to their product line. These products will be FDA-approved, designed for microwave use, and produced using 3D designs. The products will be available for local use as import substitution as well as for indirect exports.

They also manufacture Disposable Packaging Products like Cups, Plates, Trays, etc., with a monthly production capacity of 90 to 100 tons.

Committed to sustainability, they offer biodegradable and CFC-free products, and provide customized printing services for branding. They are focused on energy-saving and water preservation through equipment upgrades and recycling.