Performance Material (Pvt) Ltd. – Nooriabad, Sindh

Import Substitution by utilizing the subsidized schemes of SBP

M/s. Performance Materials Private Limited is a private limited company which was incorporated in August 2021, the company intends to manufacture Self-adhesive paper locally as an import substitution unit. This will benefit the local industry, create employment, offer economical pricing and lesser dependency on imports while adding value to the economy of the country. Their main focus is on capturing the untapped market of Pakistan by manufacturing Self Adhesive papers. It is a special kind of paper which contains adhesive strip on the underside. Such paper can be affixed to almost any surface such as paper, wood, plastic, glass and metal.

A special glue is used which enables the paper to stick on surfaces without leaving any mark or trace of glue. The product is widely used by all departmental stores, retail outlet, textile industry, printing industry and many other industries. PMPL having seen the opportunity have willed to adapt to bring a technological advancement in Pakistan which would lead to cater to a large number of clients who were previously being served by the sponsors of PMPL through import and trading.